Additional Ideas & Resources to Use with Digital Storytelling

Articles that Provide Additional Ideas for Digital Literacy

This article provides teachers with a framework to guide students in becoming creative and collaborative producers of digital texts.

This article addresses the benefits of audio books used in pairs or solo and the support they can offer for 'reluctant or struggling' readers. The author points out that audio books are especially appealing to boys who sometimes reject reading print material. A list of essential audio books is included based on grade level.

Research suggests that repeated readings can improve reading comprehension and fluency. This article examines how repeated readings through Readers' Theater can be combined with podcasting technology to create engaging and authentic ways for students to improve their reading skills.

This article provides a rationale for incorporating blogs into classroom instruction in order to promote higher order thinking skills and reading comprehension. Four examples of different blogs are given to provide teachers with ideas on how to incorporate these new literacies into their classrooms.

This article investigates the use of Electronic Discussion boards and the focus of students' communicative competence in a 'computer mediated environment.' Recommendations for classroom teachers are included.