Benefits of Using Digital Literacy in the Classroom

  • Easily modified for differentiating instruction

  • Effective way to teach vocabulary through intentional scaffolding

  • Provides multiple exposures to academic language

  • Allows for learning with real world context

  • Measures authentic assessment

  • Makes learning easily accessible

  • Encourages peer collaboration (both students and teachers)

  • Increases motivation and self esteem (both students and teachers)

  • Promotes the effective use of technology

Benefit of Digital Literacy Articles

This article provides a rationale for integrating storytelling technology, such as PhotoStory and iMovie, into classrooms in order to scaffold and support student learning. Directions for creating digital jumpstarts are provided in addition to teacher examples and additional benefits.

iMovie in Teacher Education
This article provided examples and rationales for using iMovie applications as a way of introducing external artifacts and events, modeling alternative teaching strategies, reviewing and reflecting upon shared events and documenting learning or presenting personal accomplishments.

This article acknowledges the need for a more technology based curriculum in comparison to the traditional black board and chalk approach.

This article provides background knowledge that will help educators and technology specialists to collaboratively understand, evaluate and implement technology effectively. The benefits of the use of technology and literacy development are explained.

Digital Storytelling: A Tool for Teaching and Learning in the YouTube Generation
This article provides insight into the importance and benefits associated with the use of digital storytelling to teach a technology savvy generation. Identification of the seven critical components needed for effective digital storytelling as well as the application and implications are also noted.